• 7-8 GR Maglev Q4

    Instructor: Julian, C.

    Magnetic Levitation class that explores the concepts of magnetism, electromagnetism, and their application in transportation technologies. Economic and environmental benefits and disadvantages will also be explored.
    This class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


  • Week of 6/12

    As we move into the last week of the quarter, your team will be fine tuning your trains to move down the track as fast as possible. You will be submitting website designs, 3-view drawings, and your journals for grading this week as well.

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  • Week of 5/21

    This week, your team will switch gears to marketing your maglev trains. You will design a mock website to reach out to prospective clients complete with company names and logo.

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  • Week of 5/23

    This week your team will continue working on making your train design as aerodynamic as possible while still keeping it's passenger carrying capabilities. Wind Tunnel tests should be wrapping up and we will be mounting your prototypes to the chassis'.

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  • Week of 5/7

    Now that you have chosen 1 idea for your train design, your team will create 3 view drawings and use them to build a prototype train in preparation for the wind tunnel test.

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  • Week of 4/30

    This week we will discuss aerodynamics and its effects on speed and storage space. These topics will lead you to sketch 4 ideas for a vehicle design.

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  • Week of 4/16

    This week we will discuss Maglev principles. We will also discuss environmental impacts of current transportation technologies and why we need to look at alternatives.

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  • week of 1/26

    Welcome to a new quarter! I hope you are as excited as I am to explore magnetic levitaion!

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  • Documents

    Below you will find documents pertaining to this class that you can download and print.

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Discussion Topics

  • What is Maglev? How does it work?

    Posted by Charles Julian on 11/14/2016 11:43:00 AM
    Describe what you know, or look it up, about what is currently happening in the world of Maglev.
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