• 7 CATS Science

    Instructor: Frio-Hamel, N.


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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments


  • Report Cards due

    Students have received report cards for q-3 today. Please sign the envelope and have your student return it to their HR teacher by Wednesday, 4/26.

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  • Quiz Thursday

    A quiz on food webs is scheduled for this Thursday, 4/13/17. By Tuesday students will have a corrected study guide to use to practice with and study.

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  • Mono Lake Ecosystem Study

    We are using the Mono Lake ecosystem as a means to study food chains and webs. Please go to the www.fossweb.com site and access the student ebook to read about this topic pp 25-29, and go to the Mono Lake Story video (25min) on Youtube if you missed it in class. note: to access ebook use the following username geology7 ​password Catamaran  

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  • Quiz Thursday

    Quiz on ecosystems 1-2 is scheduled for Thursday. Re-read student ebook pages 3-8, practice the corrected SG and review dvd "Among the Wild Chimpanzees" on youtube as part of the preparation.

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  • student e-book access

    If absent, please log-on to the www.fossweb.com website and log-on using username: geology7 password: Catamaran be sure to use Cap. C and no s at the end of Catamaran. scroll and click "Populations/Ecosystems text scroll and click student e-book for videos: scroll and click digital resources and then "streaming videos" We will be watching all of them so check HW assignments to see which one we are currently…

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  • progress reports due

    Students received their mid-quarter 3 progress reports today (Thursday, 3/9), and they are due back signed by Wed., 3/13/17 to their HR teacher.

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  • Practice NECAP lab

    Today we are using a prior NECAP lab activity to demonstrate the current curriculum topic of colliding plates that built MT Everest and the HImalayan range. Students will practice graphing skills as well once they have collected data. We will also analyze the data and answer a set of questions. Finally, by reviewing the rubrics, we will learn why former student scores were awarded the points of achievement and how their scores could have…

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  • Quiz 7

    A quiz on unit 7 is scheduled for Friday, 1/3/17. Students will also be taking a midpoint test on the year's curriculum to look for growth.

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  • Test Wednesday

    A test of units 5 (igneous rock) and 6 (plate tectonics) is scheduled for Wed., 2/22/17. Students are advised to practice the study guides and/or quizzes from these units in preparation for the test.

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  • quiz

    A quiz on unit 6 - plate tectonics is scheduled for the day after we return to school and have reviewed the study guide.

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  • Report Cards due

    Please review the report and have your student return the envelope signed to their HR teacher by Wednesday, 2/8/17. Thank you.

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  • Quiz Wednesday

    A quiz on unit 5 igneous rocks is scheduled for Wed., 1/25/17. We will review the study guide on Tuesday iwhen it is due in preparation for it. Practicing the study guide is highly encouraged for success.

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  • Pompeii writing

    Students have been writing and citing text from two article and a video about the volcanic eruption in 79 AD in Pompeii. This is part of a practice for writing skills as well as part of the igneous (volcanic) rock study in science.

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  • Test Friday

    A test on geo units 3 and 4 is scheduled for Friday, 1/6/17. Students are advised to practice their study guide and both unit quizzes.

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  • Quiz Thursday

    A science quiz on "fossils (unit 4)" is scheduled for Thursday, 12/22/16. Students will complete and correct a study guide prior to it in class, but should nonetheless review their notebook unit 4 fossil lab questions and correlation questions as well.

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  • Quiz Tuesday

    Students have been learning about how sedimentary rocks are formed. In order to prepare for Tuesday's quiz students are advised to take home their notebooks and review unit 3 (sand analysis to present lab on limestone formation) and to complete the quick study guide for Monday.

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  • Test Thursday

    A  test is scheduled on units 1 and 2 for Thursday, Dec. 1. Use your geology quizzes #1 and 2 to prepare.

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  • Quiz Wed.

    Students will have an open-notebook quiz this Wed., 11/23 on the two labs that involve how earth materials are sorted which includes the concept of erosion (by wind and by water). As long as all of the questions are thoroughly answered (we have gone over them in class), and there is no confusion, students should succeed. Please ask your student to see me for extra help if the concepts are not clearly…

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  • report card

    Report cards are being distributed today. Please have your student return it signed to their HR teacher by Wed., 11/23/16.

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  • Quiz

    A quiz on rock lab #1 is scheduled for Wednesday. Students are advised to practice their 8 vocab flash cards and their essay info summarizing rock lab #1 in order to prepare for it.

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  • geology unit

    We are starting a Fosskit geology unit about planet Earth's surface and interior, its history, and the catastrophic events that occur such as earthquakes. The first topic explores the Grand Canyon as a site where there is much geological diversity to study. We will be using a kit text that is found on the website as an etext. Please checkout this site: www.fossweb.com Earth's…

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  • Quiz Wed

    A study guide to the quiz on density and heat transfer will be given to students on Monday. We will review it on Tuesday, and then take a quiz on Wednesday, 10/26/16.

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  • Progress Report

    Progress reports have been distributed to students. Please sign and have your child return it to their HR teacher by Friday, 10/14. Thanks.

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  • Quiz Friday

    Use the SG we correct in class to practice for this quiz on Friday (mass, wt., temp.).

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  • density

    Students are investigating the concept of density further from what was learned in earlier grades using hands-on experiences and practice problem sets. This concept is important to the understanding of our up-coming unit on geology. Along with "heat transfer', density changes in our Earth's interior is the driving force behind the study of plate tectonics. It is important that students make up lab activities if absent and practice HW problems so that they are able to fully grasp this concept and be successful as we move forward into the next…

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