• 7 CATS Science

    Instructor: Frio-Hamel, N.


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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments


  • Unit 4-5 quiz Thursday

    A quiz on "Producers" (unit 4-5) is scheduled for Thursday, 5/11. Students are encouraged to review their science notebooks daily. A study guide will be completed and reviewed on Wed., 5/10.

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  • quiz

    Students need to practice their 5 glossary flashcards which were made for HW, as well as the notes taken in notebooks of the chemical equation for photosynthesis and the 3 most important things that plants provide to us for a possible pop-quiz this week.

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  • producers/autotrophs

    Students are currently learning about producers/autotrophs otherwise called plants.As part of the unit we are experimenting with the effect of light while growing wheat plants. Students are also still observing their milkweed bugs in their controlled habitats. We are expanding our knowledge of ecosystems with the milkweed bug study and our knowledge of the processes of photosynthesis and respiration with the wheat plants. Students are asked to learn an expanded set of scientific terms and a little chemistry. The student ebook called "Populations and Ecosystems" online using the www.fossweb.com site will help students who have been absent catch up. We have read and highlighted the reading called "Energy and Life" to date. Students who have been absent are asked to read it at home online. The username is geology7 and the password is Catamaran.

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  • Report Cards due

    Students have received report cards for q-3 today. Please sign the envelope and have your student return it to their HR teacher by Wednesday, 4/26.

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  • Quiz Thursday

    A quiz on food webs is scheduled for this Thursday, 4/13/17. By Tuesday students will have a corrected study guide to use to practice with and study.

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  • Mono Lake Ecosystem Study

    We are using the Mono Lake ecosystem as a means to study food chains and webs. Please go to the www.fossweb.com site and access the student ebook to read about this topic pp 25-29, and go to the Mono Lake Story video (25min) on Youtube if you missed it in class. note: to access ebook use the following username geology7 ​password Catamaran  

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  • Quiz Thursday

    Quiz on ecosystems 1-2 is scheduled for Thursday. Re-read student ebook pages 3-8, practice the corrected SG and review dvd "Among the Wild Chimpanzees" on youtube as part of the preparation.

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  • student e-book access

    If absent, please log-on to the www.fossweb.com website and log-on using username: geology7 password: Catamaran be sure to use Cap. C and no s at the end of Catamaran. scroll and click "Populations/Ecosystems text scroll and click student e-book for videos: scroll and click digital resources and then "streaming videos" We will be watching all of them so check HW assignments to see which one we are currently…

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  • progress reports due

    Students received their mid-quarter 3 progress reports today (Thursday, 3/9), and they are due back signed by Wed., 3/13/17 to their HR teacher.

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  • Practice NECAP lab

    Today we are using a prior NECAP lab activity to demonstrate the current curriculum topic of colliding plates that built MT Everest and the HImalayan range. Students will practice graphing skills as well once they have collected data. We will also analyze the data and answer a set of questions. Finally, by reviewing the rubrics, we will learn why former student scores were awarded the points of achievement and how their scores could have…

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  • Quiz 7

    A quiz on unit 7 is scheduled for Friday, 1/3/17. Students will also be taking a midpoint test on the year's curriculum to look for growth.

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  • Test Wednesday

    A test of units 5 (igneous rock) and 6 (plate tectonics) is scheduled for Wed., 2/22/17. Students are advised to practice the study guides and/or quizzes from these units in preparation for the test.

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  • quiz

    A quiz on unit 6 - plate tectonics is scheduled for the day after we return to school and have reviewed the study guide.

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  • Report Cards due

    Please review the report and have your student return the envelope signed to their HR teacher by Wednesday, 2/8/17. Thank you.

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  • Quiz Wednesday

    A quiz on unit 5 igneous rocks is scheduled for Wed., 1/25/17. We will review the study guide on Tuesday iwhen it is due in preparation for it. Practicing the study guide is highly encouraged for success.

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