• 6 Anchors English

    Instructor: Smead, M.

    Welcome to sixth grade English!  Throughout the year we will focus on acquiring and strengthening our skills in analyzing informational and narrative texts, responding to texts, and communicating effectively through speech and writing.    
    The overall goal of my course is that students will become independent, critical and analytical readers and writers.



  • Week of March 20

    This week, we will be drafting our argument essays, after completing necessary organizers.  Students will also work on hooks and background information for their introductions.  In addition, we will complete and review Lesson 7 vocabulary exercises.

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  • Lesson 7 Image Activity


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  • Newsela: Icarus

    In case you wanted the paper copy but forgot it....https://drive.google.com/a/westerly.k12.ri.us/file/d/0B6nEXXo-NiRLellOYnlPY1pEZ1k/view?usp=sharing

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  • Lesson 5 Image Activity


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  • Loser

    We're reading Loser by Jerry Spinelli in class.  Under my links, I have provided a PDF of the text, as I have a limited number of copies that students can take home in the case of an absence.  Each day, I write the chapters that we have read on my class calendar, and students can come in to my room before homeroom to catch up on reading too.  Here is our reading so far: 1/31 Chapters 24-30 (finished!) 1\/27 Chapters 22-23 1/25 Chapters 18-21 1/24 Chapters 16-17 1/23 Chapters 14-15 1/20 Chapters 12-13 1/17 Chapter 11 1/12 Chapter 10 1/10 Chapters 8-9 1/6 Chapters 5-8 1/5 Chapters…

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  • Week of 1/3

    This week I will be introducing the figurative language concepts hyperbole and personification.  We will also begin on vocabulary lesson 4, and we will start our first novel.  

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  • Week of 12/5

    We are continuing our natural disasters unit.  In addition to "Wind," we will be reading "Surviving the Storm," and responding to the texts.  We will also be reviewing the 4 types of figurative language for our test on Monday, and we will begin our mini-research project.

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  • Natural Disasters Powerpoint


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  • Week of 11/23

    Anyone who didn't finish their prosthetic response had to do so during intervention.  This week we worked on figurative language (similes, metaphors and alliteration).  We also continued our study of the Lesson 3 vocabulary words and we discussed analogies.

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  • Week of 11/14

    This week we are continuing to work with similes and metaphors.  Students will also be writing a response to show how prosthetics have evolved.  In addition, we will be stating to work with Lesson 3 vocabulary words.

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  • Week of 11/9

    During this two day week, we read two more texts that had to do with prosthetic limbs.  We also wrote an ACES response as a class to show how Lexi Youngberg was resilient.

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  • Week of 10/31

    On Monday, we went on a field trip to Crandall Preserve, so there were no regular classes. Tuesday was our day to take the literary analysis common assessment.  The rest of the week will consist of vocabulary work, review, some figurative language work, close reading questions about a prosthetics test, and a vocabulary test. Also, I'm on Instagram. Follow me at smeadela. 

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  • Week of 10/24

    This week, we worked more with ACES writing, looking at student samples, completing another ACES organizer, and working with me in small groups or one-on-one to fix an organizer that was off-topic or incomplete.  We also previewed vocabulary words for our unit on prosthetics and read the first text, a non-fiction article entitled "Lexi Youngberg: Invincible."  Students also worked independently on Lesson 2 vocabulary…

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  • Week of 10/17

    This week we are continuing with our study of nonfiction text structures and author's purpose.  There will be a test on both on Friday, and students have plenty of notes to study from.  I will also begin our figurative language unit by introducing alliteration and onomatopoeia.  In addition, we will begin Lesson 2 in the the Wordly Wise vocabulary curriculum. 

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