• 5 Starfish ELA/SS

    Instructor: Turano, H.

    Welcome to 5th grade! This year we will be working on reading and responding to Expository and Narrative text. Also, the students will be working on different types of writing such as responding to literature, opinion pieces, compare and contrast, descriptive writing, and research reports. In addition, we will continue with Wordly Wise to improve their vocabulary and work on parts of speech,  nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, subjects and predicates, and pronouns.
    In Social Studies, we will focus on the Vikings, European Exploration, Colonial America and The American revolution.


  • Homework Policy

    Starting Quarter 2 the following homework policy will be put in place: 1. Homework is expected to be turned in on time! 2. If it is a day late, points will be deducted. 3. If it is more than one day late, it will be a zero. Obviously if the child is sick or there is a true emergency, something will be figured out with the student.

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  • Boxtops

    Please send in boxtops.

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  • Wordly Wise

    We will be using Wordly Wise online this year. This is a vocabulary program where students will have exercises to do each night and then have a quiz on some of the words on Fridays. 

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  • Social Studies

    In social studies, we have begun our Colonial America Unit. Soon we will be learning about Primary and Secondary sources. We will also begin reading Blood On the River as soon as the students finish their compare and contrast piece on Colonial Life vs. Modern life.

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  • image

    Cose Reading

    Close Reading Steps Students have been working on reading comprehension strategies. Below are the steps for a close reading which enhances a student's understanding of the material. Close Reading Steps 1.Number all the paragraphs 2.Underline, highlight, and circle…with a purpose 3.Annotate the text: Left Margin - What is the author saying? Write a one sentence summary of the paragraph Right Margin – Dig deeper into the text Write down your Questions or “I…

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  • A lttle bit about me

    I am a Westerly native and went through the Westerly Public School System. I then went onto study psychology at Tufts University. Once I decided I wanted to become a teacher, I received a Bachelors degree and Masters degree in education from The University of New Haven. I was hired soon after in 1999 to teach fifth grade in Westerly. I have now taught 5th grade for 15 years and one year in 4th grade. I am so happy to be teaching your…

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