All students must complete 30 hours of community service in a pre-approved setting prior to graduation. (WHS Handbook, page 31)


    Please contact the Dean of Students to approve your service of choice before the service is completed.


    Acceptable community service activities:

    Volunteering at non-profit organizations or agencies and community based centers that provide human or animal resources, such as:


    • Warm Shelter
    • JonnyCake Center
    • Senior Center
    • South County Community Action Center
    • Ambulance or Fire Stations
    • Senior Nursing Homes
    • Tower Street Community Center
    • Hospital or Care facilities
    • Animal Shelter
    • Church or place of worship


    Activities NOT considered Community Service:

    ---Work done for FREE for a private or commercially owned company.


    *Rule of Thumb: if someone else is getting paid to do what you are asking to do, then it's not considered community service.



    Click here to download the Community Service Form.



    Community Service Opportunities



    Alley Katz Bowling Program--Community Service