Instructor: Sanfilippo, E.


  • Mid Terms

    Please be sure to review this weekend and work on your study guides for Mid-terms! Mid-terms start Wed. Jan 25th!  

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  • Out Today

    Hi Everyone, I am sorry but not feeling well and will be out today. Please click on the agenda to find out more information about today's stations. I would like everyone to complete a WORK HABITS rubric and MMS reflection, please put your name and the date. Thank you & Have a good weekend, Mrs Sanfilippo

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  • History Essays

    Just a friendly reminder, History Essays are due tomorrow! I am after school today to help anyone that needs it!

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  • Freshman Class Elections

    Please consider running for class office, positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Student Council Liaison. For all those that are interested, Letters of Intent must be submitted to Mrs. Sanfilippo or Ms. Ezerins by October 28th!  

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  • Picture Day Tomorrow

    Just wanted to remind my classes that Picture Day is tomorrow as well as our Field Trip :)

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    Please join us for Open House Monday October 3rd from 6-8 pm   

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  • Try Your Best Everyday

     Try your best everyday! Use your Agenda and Fusion Pages to stay ahead and don't forget to check MMS!​ 

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  • Welcome to Westerly High School

    Welcome to Westerly High School    I look forward to learning about you and working with you and your family to make this a great year! Our first activity is the BUCKET LIST, be sure to bring your positivity and creativity to class. Resource is a great opportunity to get organized, get extra help to complete your work and learn more about yourself! *Please be sure to take all papers home and have your parents or guardians sign and return by Friday Sept.…

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