Instructor: Livingston, K.

    Mathematics Teacher
    National Honor Society Co Advisor
    PTECH Instructor
    Email: klivingston@westerly.k12.ri.us
    Phone: 401-596-2109
    Remind: @8g87c

    The Course:

    1.5 credits

    This course will run as a double block in the first semester and a 
    single block in the second semester.
    This is a course in mathematical analysis that covers limits, 
    derivatives, integration, and practical applications, along with all 
    other concepts covered in Calculus 452. There are extensive 
    higher-order applications that require extensive independent 
    study. The College Board Advanced Placement Program is a 
    nationally recognized program granting college credit for work 
    completed in high school. AP Calculus AB is equivalent to one 
    and one-half semesters of a college level calculus course for 
    mathematics or engineering majors. AP Calculus satisfies the 
    calculus requirements for college business and life science majors 
    Students who enroll in this course are prepared for and are 
    expected to take the AP Calculus AB examination in May.
     Students are required to have a TI 84 Plus C Silver 

    Edition graphing calculator.