August 3, 2012
    Roy Seitsinger, Ph.D.
    Westerly Public Schools
    15 Highland Avenue
    Westerly, RI   02893
    Dear Dr. Seitsinger:
    It is my pleasure to inform you that The Rhode Island Foundation awarded a grant of $500 to Westerly Public Schools, and a check for that amount is enclosed. This grant is earmarked for the Cooking Tools project at Westerly High School to assist students in learning a variety of cooking techniques, submitted by Chef Jamie Finkelstein. 
    This grant was approved based upon a recommendation from the Advisory Committee of the Westerly Education Endowment Fund. In future correspondence with us, please identify your grant as #20122236.
    In order that the Foundation may comply with all Internal Revenue Code Regulations and other requirements, we ask that you agree to the terms stated below:
    ·         Applicant agrees to expend the funds from this grant only for the purposes stated above and in accordance with Section 501 (c) (3), section 4945 and other applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.

    ·         The Rhode Island Foundation may monitor and conduct an evaluation of operations under this grant, including full and complete access to your files and financial records relating to the grant or your tax status, upon a reasonably timely request.

    ·         We require notification of any change in your Federal tax status before or during the period the grant funds are being spent.

    ·         It is understood that grant payments that are yet to be made by the Foundation may be discontinued, modified, or withheld if, in our sole judgment, such action is necessary.

    ·         Any portion of the funds not used in accordance with these terms will be repaid to The Rhode Island Foundation.
    ·         The Foundation reserves the right to make the first public announcement of any grant it makes. If you would like to work with the Foundation on the timing or coordination of any grant announcement, contact the Foundation’s Senior Communications Officer within two weeks of receiving this letter. This project has been made possible by a grant from The Rhode Island Foundation, a charitable community trust serving the people of Rhode Island.
    We look forward to working with you and hearing about your progress.
    Libby Monahan
    Funds Administrator



    Board of Directors of the WEEF Organization allocated 1500.00 grant to the Westerly High School Culinary Arts Program. Culinary Arts students using the new baking and pastry equipment that was granted by the WEEF Organization. 



    V&M Construction
    V&M Construction donated construction material to create The Highland Grille counter.  Enjoy the photos of the students from the construction program building and creating the counter.