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  • Welcome Back!

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  • Community Service

    A minimum of 30 hours of community service is required by graduation.  Complete the form and return it to your dean of students, who approves and tracks hours performed.  Listen to announcements and read bulletins for opportunities to volunteer.  Search #whsgivesback on Twitter 

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  • Daily Attendance

    Attending school and courses daily and on time is a priority for all faculty, staff and students.  Come to school every day and all day. Absences must be called into the attendance office 315-1597 by 8:00 am or an automated phone call will go home.  Absences are only coded "excused" if medical or judicial documentation is provided; phone calls and notes from parents/guardians are appreciated, but do not excuse an absence.  We respect a parent/guardian's prerogative to keep a child home for a short illness or family activity, but students exceeding 20 unexcused absences (10 for semester courses) will be in danger of losing course credit(s).  Tardies and early dismissals also may endanger course credit(s); being late for school or leaving early greatly affects your learning experience.  Again, only medical or judicial documentation excuses a tardy or early dismissal.  Please refer to pages 21-23 of the WHS Student Handbook for the Attendance Policy; it can also be viewed under the District Student Handbooks' link on the left of this web…

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  • After School Detentions

    After school detentions are after school from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  Detentions are assigned for excessive unexcused tardiness to school (4 or more times) and for any other infractions deemed inappropriate by a dean or administrator.Failure to report to detention results in TWO detentions; failure to report to those two results in partial in school suspension (in the Restorative Room); continuous skipping will result in more severe consequences, including a parent meeting..  Be safe. Be responsible. Be…

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Discussion Topics

  • Best Community Service?

    Posted by Carmela Sammataro on 10/6/2012 11:29:00 AM

    Recommend opportunities to fellow peers to fulfill community service hours.  Tell a little about your own experience...

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    Posted by Carmela Sammataro on 9/19/2012 1:54:00 PM
    Name two ways you are going to participate this year as a member of WHS learning community.
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