• Pre-Engineering 5

    Instructor: Brennan, R.

    This quarter we will introduce you to the key topics of engineering and the man-made world including:

    • Comparing Science and Technology
    • The Elements of Design
    • Technical Sketching
    • Technological Resources (TICTEMP)
    • The Engineering Design Process

     Throughout the course, we will integrate computer skills such as:

    • Microsoft Word for Engineering Notebooks
    • Microsoft PowerPoint for schematics
    • Google Chrome for researching

     The course meets twice per week for nine weeks according to the following schedule:

    • Section 5A – Tuesday, Block 4; Thursday, Block 2
    • Section 5B - Tuesday, Block 1; Wednesday, Block 6

     Grading will be based on effort, quizzes, design projects and the Engineering Notebook.

     Please see Mr. Brennan if you have any questions.