• Gr 8 Digital Citizenship Q1

    Instructor: Diaz, M.


  • Digital Citizenship - Conference Day

    Digital Citizenship Parent Conferences Monday, November 7, 2016 Room B306 Michelle Diaz   Stop by for a conference: 8:00am – 2:00pm 5:00pm – 6:00pm   Come be a part of the conversation about kids’ media and technology use. We will be focusing on Managing Screen Time 6pm – 7pm

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  • Should Students' Locations be Digitally Tracked Through-Out the Day?

    Sounds eerie, but this is reality in some schools across the nation! Advocates claim that tracking students improves school safety and efficiency, others feel that it is a violation of students' privacy.  This week, students explored the issue and formed an opinion.  Ask your child what his/her opinion is!

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  • Digital Footprint

    This week in grade 8 Digital Citizenship, students analyzed the profiles of two different candidates for a position as a game show host.  The goal was to show students that the content posted online is used to form opinions and judgments about the character of a person and may be hurtful, even if not intended to be.  For discussion tips on this topic, please check out the Family Tip Sheet located in the Trillion Dollar Footprint folder within the Files section of this Fusion…

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  • Welcome!

    Week of September 6 To get started, we will take a "Media Smarts" quiz (not graded!) and view a presentation to get a sense of what Digital Literacy is all about! You can access the PowerPoint presentation in the files section of this Fusion Web Page.  

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