• 6 SUN Robotics Q1

    Instructor: Julian, C.

     Design brief oriented project using the Lego Mindstorms educational platform. 
    Students will brainstorm ideas, design, build, test, and redesign their projects before submission.
    This class meets twice per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Topics include:
    • Robotic Geometry
    • Robotic Engineering


  • Week of 10/20

    This week, your team will put the finishing touches on your "Rover" program. Collect as many samples as possible before heading back to the "mother ship".

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  • Week of 10/12

    Your team continues to design and program your Rover to navigate the terrain of the "foreign planet" 

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  • Week of 10/5

    This week, in the spirit of the Mars rover, your team will begin a "ROVER" mission of your own. Design a robot that can collect samples on WMS's Foreign Planet in Room B108!

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  • Week of 9/14

    This week your team will learn how to  use a protractor and the metric system. You will use these tools to create a program for your robot to guard my house.

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  • Week of 9/7

    This week, you will team up with your partner and begin your first activity. We will also look at the computer "brain" of the robot and learn about its functions.

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  • Week of 9/1

    This week, you will work on your internet research assignment about robotics, and we will take a quick refresher course on robotic programming in preparation for our first activity.

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  • Documents

    Below you will find documents that pertain to this class that you can download and print.

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