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    5 Dolphin S.S.

    Instructor: Dodge, S.
    Welcome to the Dolphins Team, Grade 5 Social Studies.  This year we will study and learn about important people, places and events in history.  I have an exciting year planned for you and can't wait to meet you.  


  • Blood on the River Colonial Project

    Students brought home a project selection packet. This needs to be signed and returned to school by Tuesday, May 16th. The packet can be found below in the file section.

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  • "Native Americans Save the Day" Homework

    Close reading completed in notebooks. Due Friday, May 5th.

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  • Babcock Smith House

    Our trip to the Babcock Smith House is on Wednesday, May 3rd. Please be sure you've turned in your permission slip. Also, remember to pack a bag lunch for the trip.

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  • "The Pilgrims" Homework

    Complete a close reading in Social Studies notebooks.

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  • Reminder for Open Notebook assessment

    We are reaching the end of the 3rd quarter.  Students will have their open notebook assessment on Thursday, April 6th.  They have been reminded to check their notebooks to be sure they are complete.  I am available during lunch or recess blocks or after school Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

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  • Reminder Quiz Tuesday

    Use notebook, folder materials and Kahoot to study.

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  • Homework - March 22, 2017

    Close reading for "The Jamestown Colony" due Thursday, March 23,2017 Number the paragraphs Underline key words or information with a purpose Write a summary statement for each section Write a question or I wonder statement for each section

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  • Blood on the River Quiz

    We will have a short quiz on characters and important events from chapters 1 - 10 on Tuesday, March 28.

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  • Blood on the River James Town 1607

    Students are excited about reading Blood on the River.  We will be reading this together in class.  We are using this novel to read and learn about the new settlement established in Jamestown and life in Colonial America during the 1600's.  This historical fiction novel incorporates primary sources at the beginning of each chapter.

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  • Primary and Secondary Sources

    Over the last week we've been learning about primary and secondary sources and how these are used to help us to learn and study history.   Students should be familiar with the differences between primary and secondary sources and should be able to identify several examples of each type of source.

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  • Text Book

    The grade 5 Social Studies Text Book is now available in the

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    Mrs. Dodge’s 5th Grade Social Studies                  Contact Information: Sharon Dodge 401 348 2750 sdodge@westerly.k12.ri.us Westerly Middle School/Room A204      

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