•  ELA: Mr. Mansfield     
    Apr 10-13    

    Grade 7- No homework this week. We will be working on argument writing.

    Grade 8- No homework this week. We will be working on narrative writing. We will start the memoir, Night.
    Math: Mr. Gouvin
    Block A: There was no homework but watch the lesson please. Mr. Cronin makes an appearance in the class so you will hear his voice as well. 
    Block B and C: Ended class with a quiz. 
    Block D: Carnival Game project. 

    Science: Mr. Reyes


    7th Grade: No homework.

                    ***Bring in clear (not green or orange) and empty 2 liter soda bottles***


    8th Grade:  Finish Pocket Punnett Squares.  


    Social Studies: Mr. Ritacco                      
    Link here for Mr. Ritacco's Social Studies web page Ritacco's Social Studies web page http://goo.gl/KkS9NuKkS9NuKkS9NuKkS9Nu   

    For the week of April 10-14
    Grade 7 
    Monday -  Finish stations from Friday, Review notes and vocabulary from Chapter 14
    HW - Read p. 180-188 p 188 do ques 1-3  link here for a blank map of East Asia
    Tuesday - Watch video and finish worksheet, do section 1 worksheet
    HW - Study for vocabulary quiz  link here for a rubric for East Asia map
    Wednesday-  Vocabulary quiz Chapter 5, finish worksheet section 1 and 2, collect portfolios
    HW -   Study for Map Quiz         
    Thursday-  Map quiz East Asia
    HW - None
    Friday-  No School - Good Friday
    HW - None

    Grade 8
    Monday - Finish stations from Friday, Review notes and vocabulary from Chapter 14
    HW - Read p 342-345 skip p 344 p 345 do ques 3-5 
    Tuesday - Vocabulary quiz Chapter 14, Section 1 worksheet, collect portfolios
    HW -  link here for a blank map of East Asia  link here for map rubric
    Wednesday -  SSR , review notes on Renaissance
    HW - Study for map quiz
    Thursday -  Map Quiz East Asia
    HW - None
    Friday - No School - Good Friday
    HW - None

    Use these sites to help you study for Map Quizzes