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    IEP support is available for you.  Please email your LEA and they meet with you as needed.  BEFORE THE MEETING  -Obtain all school records and copies of the following: Prior IEPs (if any), Progress notes, report cards, work samples. -Request for transportation if applicable. -Request an interpreter be present to assist you in participating if applicable. -Gather information from your health professionals. -Make a list of your child’s strengths and needs. DURING THE MEETING -Remember that you are an equal member of the IEP team. -Ask for clarification if you don’t understand something that is being said. -Discuss what you feel helps your child to learn. -Listen to the points of view of all. AT THE END OF THE MEETING -Be sure that all your child’s needs and services are documented on the IEP. -Ask for a copy of the IEP minutes and IEP. -If you cannot come to an agreement, you may request another meeting. Do not feel pressured to make a decision. **Remember you can ask for an IEP review at anytime during the school…

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