Where do these extra reading lessons take place?


    Your child will receive the extra reading instruction either in the classroom or in the reading room.


    How is extra reading help scheduled? 


    Scheduling takes place cooperatively between the reading teacher and the classroom teacher.  In most cases, this extra reading takes place for 20 to 40 minutes, three to five days a week.

    How does the Supplemental Reading Service relate to the regular classroom?


    Your child's classroom teacher and I communicate on a regular basis.  The intent of the supplemental reading service is to support and reinforce the student's Personal Literacy Plan.   


    How will I be informed about my child's progress?


    During the parent/teacher conferences, I will be available to discuss your child's progress if needed.  In addition, a final progress report will be sent home in June.  If you have any questions concerning your child's progress, please contact me via e-mail or the school. 


    How can you support your child's Supplemental Reading Service?


    Please become actively involved: 

    • Attend parent/teacher conferences.
    • Become more informed about your child's reading services.  
    • Help your child at home with reading activities.
    • Encourage your child to read and write daily at home.
    • Make time to read aloud to your child each day.
    • Send your child to school each day.  Absences greatly affect your child's progress.