• Reading 1

    Instructor: Bouchard, J.

    Here's an overview of our Grade One Reading Curriculum....

    Using the Fundations Program by Wilson
    Unit 1-Letter/Keyword Sounds
    Unit 2-Cvc words
    Unit 3-Digraphs
    Unit 4-Bonus Letters
    Unit 5-Glued Sounds
    Unit 6-Suffix /s/
    Unit 7-Glued Sounds
    Unit 8- Blends/R controlled Vowels
    Unit 9-Open/Closed Syllables/Vowel Teams
    Unit 10-Segmenting 5 Sounds/Suffixes /ed/ and /ing/ and Vowel Teams
    Unit 11- Vce Syllable/Long Vowel Sounds
    Unit 12-Multisyllabic Words
    Unit 13-Adding Suffixes /es/ to Multisyllabic Words
    Unit 14-Review

    ELA Units of Study:
    Establishing a Community of Readers and Writers
    Elements of Fiction
    Elements of Informational Text
    Reading and Writing for Information
    Narrative Reading and Writing
    Compare and Contrast Informational
    Compare and Contrast Literature
    Digging Deeper Into Narrative Text
    Digging Deeper Into Informational Text