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    Instructor: Blier, R

    Health Clinic
    Instructor: Robin Blier   
    Hello DCS Families and Friends!
    I am your school nurse teacher and glad to be part of your child's school day! I have been a nurse in many areas of nursing for the past 28 years. I have been a school nurse substitute for 5 years in the Westerly Public Schools. I enjoyed the children and staff so much at DCS that I decided to stay! It is a joy to care for my DCS families!

    Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments.
    clinic: 315.2642
    FAX : 348.2325
    email: rblier@westerly.k12.ri.us

    Nurse RobinRN,BSN, CSNT


  • Merry May!

    Merry Month of May! Many merry events are happening here at DCS! The weather is changing. Keep on dressing in layers. Wear safe shoes for recess and PE. The bugs are out. Keep on checking for ticks. Field trips are happening. Keep on checking book bags for forms. Please see below for the “Attack the Track and Community Health Fair” event flyer, coming to you, May 17th. Find out how you can win a bike and a helmet!

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  • April Beginnings!

    April Showers bring May Flowers!   Spring is on its way! The weather is changing. Please dress in layers and wear safe shoes for recess time. Colds and allergies are here. Continue to practice good hand washing, coughing/sneezing in your elbow or tissue. Get plenty of sleep at night (8 to 10 hours). Make healthy nutritious choices to boost the immune system (5 servings of fruit and veggies each day). Don’t forget to exercise one or more hours a day. Healthy lifestyle choices will lead to healthy bodies and healthy minds! Speaking of healthy bodies and healthy minds, check out this new and exciting resource for the whole family: bodiesminds.org. Here’s a little bit about the website:   “South County Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, a nonprofit project that exists to foster healthy lifestyles among the County's residents, this week has just unveiled its website "bodiesminds.org". It's got everything a young parent wants: where do I go locally for breastfeeding advice? how do I keep my baby (and me) stimulated? is my child developing naturally? how do i get my 6-year-old away from the screen and out for a walk? how can I afford fresh food for my family? All presented with quizzes, infographics, videos and brief pieces written for them and other caretakers.”   Please look for their new website under Links on my Fusion page. Ask your children about the 5210 program. Easy to remember and easy to live by. With May Flowers come! Don’t forget to protect yourselves from ticks. -Prevent Lyme Disease: Wear socks pulled over long pants. Wear long sleeves, a hat and closed shoes. Use tick repellent on clothing. Inspect yourself and your pets after being out doors. -Know the symptoms of Lyme Disease: Skin rash. Stiff neck. Fatigue/Dizziness. Headaches/Fever. Muscle and joint pain (joint swelling). Happy Spring Beginnings!  Nurse Robin   Happy Spring Beginnings!

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  • New Link: Boys and Girls

    Dear DCS Families and Friends, Please check out the new link on puberty for boys and girls from the CDC site. Another resource to tap into regarding embracing the changes during puberty. Take good care of yourselves! Make great healthy choices! Embrace your changing bodies! Ask questions and get answers from the folks who love you and those who you trust. Contact me with any concerns, Nurse…

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  • March-ing Along!

    March-ing Along…                                 Dear DCS Families and Friends, March is National Nutrition Month! Our cafeteria personnel will be celebrating nutrition by offering to DCS students the following during the upcoming weeks in March. Week of March 10: Create-your-own Fresh Fruit Cup Week of March 17: Create-your-own Veggie Cup with Dipping Sauce Week of March 24: Create-your-own Trail Mix Week of March 31: Create-your-own Parfait Cup Please read up on nutrition. Refer to the links on healthy choices. Coming soon to DCS:   Introducing: Dunn’s Corners School’s and Bradford Elementary School’s    “Embracing Change” Program!   Welcome all Grade 4 Girls! Bring your Mother, Grandmother, or favorite Adult to a special night just for fourth grade girls. We will have some fun and talk about the special changes you will experience during puberty.   Join us for pizza, beverages and a special gift bag for girls. Watch for registration flyers and return by March 15, 2017. Where: DCS Library When: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 6pm-7pm. Contact me with any concerns. Have a marching, munching month of March! Nurse…

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  • Fabulous February!

    Celebrate February! It is American Heart Association Heart healthy month. Please see links for more information on being Heart Healthy!   Fabulous February to all our DCS Families and Friends!                                                       Valentine’s Day is on its way and you are loved!                                  Encouraging our students to be “Bucket Fillers” by following the 3 B’s is always the “loving thing” to do, especially, at Dunn’s Corners School!   We have wrapped up Semester 1 in Health. Fourth graders will continue receiving Health Semester 2. They will be reviewing Body Systems and Nutrition (5210) in a little more depth. New topics like Diabetes, Asthma and Feelings/Emotions will be introduced. Please continue to dress for winter weather. Grab that hat! Most of our body heat escapes from our heads. Speaking of heads….check out the helpful information below regarding head lice. I have also included a quick article on the stomach bug.   Information on Head Lice Head lice are small insects that live on the hair and scalp of humans and feed on blood.  The eggs called “nits” are white specks that look like dandruff, but cling to the hair shaft and cannot easily be dislodged or removed. Lice and Nits do not jump or fly. They usually die after being off a person for 48 hours. Some symptoms of Head Lice include: ·  Itching of the scalp which can be mild to intense. ·  Redness noted behind ears or nape of neck. Treatment: . Do not use regular shampoo. Contact your pediatrician or pharmacist to choose an effective product. . Follow directions on product; use fine tooth comb to remove nits. Use daylight. . Wash bed linens, pillows, scarfs, hats, clothing and towels in hot water and dried in hot dryer. . Use disinfectant/hot water for combs/brushes. . Put non-washable items in a plastic bag x 10 days. . Vacuum carpets/floors/furniture and vehicles. Prevention: . Check all family members, siblings

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  • Jumping January!

    Dear DCS Families and Friends,   “Jumping January” is here! And we have been jumping in and out of snow that will continue to come and go! Please dress your child according to the weather. DCS will have morning  and lunch recess everyday weather permitting.   In health class, we are covering our Safety Unit. This includes: Burn Safety, Fire Safety, 911, Sun, Water, Bike Safety and Stranger Danger. Please review the “Fun Packets” sent home on all these topics. Your child can share with you their “Safety Knowledge”. There can never be enough “Bucket Filling” opportunities in a day! Enjoy!   Please check out a couple of new links that encourage families to be proactive in living healthy life styles. Making healthy choices throughout the New Year makes a differences in the lives of our students at DCS. (See new links on the right.) Wishing all of you blessings of health, joy and snow this New Year!   Nurse…

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  • School Attendance Guidelines 2016-2017

    Dear Parents and Guardians, Please look in the "Files" section to the right for our updated School Nurse Teacher School Attendance Guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me. Nurse Robin 

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  • Dashing December!

    Dear DCS Families and Friends,   I’ve dubbed this December, “Dashing December”. Before you know it we’ll be “dashing through the snow”, December is just a dashing (lively) time and it will have dashed by us with 2017 hot on its heels!   Speaking of a lively time...our health classes have been dashing with lively conversation about nutrition (5-2-1-0), increasing our self-esteem by keeping clean, and medication safety is no dashing matter this month (take time to ask a trusted adult to read the label and administer the medication, right person, right dose, right route and right time). Please check out two new links: kids.giantfoodstores.com (Energy In. Energy Out) and SmartMovesSmartChoices.org (Medication Safety and statistics). It’s all about how our choices are making a difference helping our students stay healthy and stay in school.   Please refer to the School Nurse Teacher letter for guidelines on when to keep your child home.   Enjoy this wonderful and blessed season and have a “dashing December” in many ways! Nurse…

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  • Noticing November:

    Dear DCS Families and Friends, I'm calling this month "Notice November". Take time to notice the beautiful autumn days. Take time to notice how much our students have accomplished so far. Take time to notice all the "Bucket-Filling" people and moments that give us a thankful, grateful heart.  Healthy Habits are the key to Wellness The students are currently learning Personal Hygiene and Body systems. Please Help us to reinforce that “Feeling clean can increase Self-Esteem”.  Also, please check Friday backpacks for important information about the 5210 Program.  5210 is a program promoting a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Please take a few minutes to view this introduction to the program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21s8-SMOSTY# Begin with small changes for a healthy body and mind! Thank you for helping keep our students safe and healthy. Happy "Noticing November" month! Nurse…

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  • October is here!

    October is here and so has the cooler weather! Wear layers to accommodate the cool mornings and warmer afternoons. Always wear safe shoes for playground and PE times. In health classes we have covered: Playground Safety and how to follow the 3 B's using the Bucket Filling story as our guide. It is also the start of our Hand Washing and "Protect, Don't Infect" unit. Please look for my "Fun Packets" in their binders. Upcoming topics are: Body Hygiene and Body Systems, Dental Hygiene and Nutrition. There's so much more! Please look at the "Fun Packet" on Germ Prevention. Hand washing, good nutrition, exercise, and getting your flu vaccine are the best ways to avoid the flu.  DCS will host their Flu Clinic: Thursday, October 6th from 3:30pm-6pm. Please use the forms at the clinic to register if you did not register online. Wishing you a healthy autumn! Nurse…

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  • Flu Clinics in Westerly:

    We're already heading for that time of year!  Here are the locations and times of the flu clinics hosted in our local schools: Bradford Elementary School: 10/25, 3:15-6 State Street School: 10/17, 3:30-6 SpringBrook Elementary School: 10/11, 4-6 Westerly Middle School: 11/03, 2:30-6 Westerly High School: 10/21, 6:30a-12p ​ Please get your flu vaccines. Stay healthy! Follow the directions on the web site: www.thewellcomp.com/school. to register. Have a great day! Nurse…

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  • Frest Start September is here!

    Dear Friends and Family, A few helpful reminders to keep everyone fresh and safe: -drink plenty of water; bring your water bottles:) -wear safe clothing (hats, UV shirts) and shoes (sneakers) for recess and phys-ed ​-apply sunscreen and/or bug spray before school. Parents and Guardians, please bring in new physician's orders and any medications for your child for the first day of school, especially, epipens and inhalers. Wishing you more summer days ahead, Nurse…

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  • June Days...Summer Days

    Spring-Summer Tidbits 2016:   Dear DCS Family and Friends,   The end of our school year is fast approaching! Here are few gentle reminders for our parents/guardians/students at DCS:   -Please pick up inhalers, epipens, prescription medications and over-the-counter medications on the last day of school. All prescription and over-the-counter medications used in school will require new physician’s orders each new school year. -Please apply sunscreen and bug spray at home before school. -Please wear safe comfortable shoes for gym and outdoor activities.   A few summer safety tips:   -Always tell an adult where you are going. -Use public restrooms with adult supervision. -Wear correct size correct protective gear for summer activities. Please see the two new links regarding sports activities for children. -Apply and reapply sunscreen and stay hydrated on the beach:). -Use the Buddy System.   Have a safe, healthy, “Bucket-Filling” (not the beach sand kind:)) summer!   Nurse…

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  • April Showers Bring May Flowers!

    April showers (rain or snow) bring May flowers! Speaking of rain or snow…Please continue to dress for spring weather which tends to get a little “springy”! Dressing in layers is a plus for keeping us either warm or cool at this time of year.  Continue to wear safe, comfortable shoes for gym and playground time. As the weather changes, other things change, too; colds and allergies are here. Continue to practice proper hand washing. Keep hands away from the T-zone. Cough and sneeze in your elbow or tissue. Make healthy nutritious choices that will boost the immune system, choose fruits, veggies and proteins. Getting enough rest and exercise are essential for good health. It’s important to get eight to ten hours of sleep at night and one to two hours of exercise each day. Keeping our children healthy helps them come to school ready to learn! May flowers bring Bugs back… and that means protecting ourselves from Ticks. -Help prevent Lyme Disease: 1. Wear socks pulled over long pants 2. Wear long sleeves, a hat and closed shoes 3. Use tick repellant on clothing 4. Inspect yourself and your pets after being outdoors -Know the symptoms: 1. Skin rash 2. Stiff neck 3. Fatigue 4. Headaches/Fever 5. Muscles and joint pain/swelling 6. Dizziness For more information call the Arthritis Foundation at: 1.800.541.8350 Happy Spring! Nurse Robin Please see link for proper tick…

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  • Spring Time Update

    Hi DCS Friends and Families! Just a friendly reminder, since the weather is sooo "Springy" (bouncing back and forth with cold vs cooler temps); please, dress in layers. Stay warm or cool and healthy as our weather continues to change. Continue to do good Hand Washing, cough/sneeze in your elbow or tissue, keep hands away from the T-zone. Also, it's helpful to make healthy food choices, get the appropriate sleep each night that you need and don't forget to stay active! In our Health Classes we will be wrapping up our unit on Nutrition and discussing  the following units: Medication Safety Drugs that Harm (Smoking and Alcohol) Safety Unit (911, Fire, Burn and Poison) Stranger Danger (Bullying, too!) Summer Safety (Sun, Bike, Water). I send home a fun activity packet so the children can review with you what they've learned. Please take time to let them share their knowledge. It can be a real Bucket Filling experience for everyone! Happy Spring! Nurse…

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