• Grade 3 Music DCS

    Instructor: Boisclair, B.

    In Music we will create a safe environment for children to express themselves musically.  Performance in singing and instrumental playing is a cornerstone throughout every class.  

    Third Graders work on healthy singing habits including awareness of head vs. chest voice, note reading, and recorder performance.


  • STEAM!

    STEAM Expo - Tuesday, April 11th   Recorder Mayhem! A Music Collaboration for 3rd/4th graders 6:30pm in WHS Ward Auditorium Please consider joining us for a musical collaboration for all 3rd/4th graders in Westerly!  We will meet in the Ward Auditorium at Westerly High School at 6:25pm to combine forces with singing and recorder playing.  We will present selections of music that we have been working on this year.  Students need to be accompanied by an adult and need to have their recorder.…

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  • Musical Happenings!

    Third graders are continuing their recorder quest.  Most students have successfully earned their yarn for “Gently Sleep” and are pursing "Down at the Station".  We've also been playing a simple recorder part to Tom Petty's "Runnin' Down a Dream".   Please encourage your child to practice at home, it makes a big difference!   

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  • Winter Music

    1/4/16 Third graders have successfully played “Hot Cross Buns” and earned their white piece of yarn for our Recorder Challenge.  Some students have already earned their yellow yarn for “Merrily”!  We will be working on “All Through the Night” and “Gently Sleep” next.  Please encourage your child to practice at home!  Each student should have brought home a “Recorder Book” to practice from.  Please let me know if anything has happened to your child’s book so that it can be replaced.  Remember that recorders are expected to be brought to school EVERY…

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  • Fall Music

    Third graders have started recorder!  We will keep the recorders in school for a few weeks before it becomes the students' responsibility to bring them to and from school.  We have practiced playing the note B and will shortly add A and G.  We'll start off our tunes with the perennial favorite ................wait for it.....................wait for it.............."Hot Cross Buns"!   Students are asked to remember three things: Recorder Expectations: 1. Rest Position 2. Gentle, Warm Air 3. Make Music Ask your child what these expectations mean!  Once the students know a couple of tunes and are consistently playing with a gentle sound, recorders will go home.  We are fortunate that the Royce Foundation has generously funded our inclusion in the Link-Up Program which includes free recorders for…

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  • What's Goin' On!

    10/12/16 Recorder playing is close to happening!  Students will receive a recorder hopefully sometime this month!  Thanks to the Royce Foundation, recorders are provided free of charge to all 3rd/4th graders in Westerly.  In preparation, we've practiced identifying and notating G A B on the treble staff.  Third graders have enjoyed singing "Rattlin' Bog" and "Green Grass Grows".  We compared and contrasted these two similar songs.  Ask your child which they prefered!  During October we will also be singing "The Cat Came Back".…

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  • Welcome!

    9/8/16  Welcome to third grade music!  Third grade is a big year in music as students will begin playing recorder!  Recorder playing will start in class sometime in October.  For 2-3 weeks recorders will stay in school before being sent home, that way students will be able to play 1-2 tunes when they begin to bring them home!  Recorders are expected to be brought to every music class.   At the beginning, third graders will focus on three notes, G A B. We will work on helping every student achieve a clear tone by using a warm, gentle stream of air. In addition to recorder, third graders will continue to sing in every class, often times singing a song before we play it on recorder.  The use of 'head voice' vs. 'chest voice' will explored.  Please do not hesitate to contact myself with any questions/concerns.…

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