• First Grade Rm 110

    Instructor: Lamb, C.

    Students in first grade strive to be good students by following the 3 Bs - Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful.  This year in first grade we will be working toward building a community of learners who strive to be the best readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, citizens, and friends, that they can be!  

    Here's an overview of our Grade One Curriculum....

    Using the Fundations Program by Wilson
    Unit 1-Letter/Keyword Sounds
    Unit 2-Cvc words
    Unit 3-Digraphs
    Unit 4-Bonus Letters
    Unit 5-Glued Sounds
    Unit 6-Suffix /s/
    Unit 7-Glued Sounds
    Unit 8- Blends/R controlled Vowels
    Unit 9-Open/Closed Syllables/Vowel Teams
    Unit 10-Segmenting 5 Sounds/Suffixes /ed/ and /ing/ and Vowel Teams
    Unit 11- Vce Syllable/Long Vowel Sounds
    Unit 12-Multisyllabic Words
    Unit 13-Adding Suffixes /es/ to Multisyllabic Words
    Unit 14-Review

    ELA Units of Study:
    Establishing a Community of Readers and Writers
    Elements of Fiction
    Elements of Informational Text
    Reading and Writing for Information
    Narrative Reading and Writing
    Compare and Contrast Informational
    Compare and Contrast Literature
    Digging Deeper Into Narrative Text
    Digging Deeper Into Informational Text

    Using the Being a Writer Writing Program
    "The goal of Being a Writer is to teach students to write skillfully, creatively, abundantly, and with motivation."
    Unit 1: The Writing Community
    Unit 2: Getting Ideas
    Unit 3: Telling More
    Unit 4: Writing Stories About Me
    Unit 5: Writing Non Fiction
    Unit 6: Exploring Words Through Poetry
    Unit 7: Opinion Writing
    Unit 8: Revisiting the Writing Community

    Mathematics Units of Study:
    Quarter 1:
    Introduction to Place Value and Comparing to 30
    Understanding, Representing, and Solving Addition and Subtraction within 10

    Quarter 2:
    Introducing Time, Measurement, and Data
    Understanding, Representing, and Solving Addition and Subtraction within 20
    Counting, Comparing, and Adding Numbers to 100

    Quarter 3:
    2-D and 3-D Shapes, Attributes, and Partitioning
    ​Solving All Addition and Subtraction Problem Types within 20
    Organizing, Representing, and Interpreting Data and Time to the Half-Hour

    Quarter 4:
    Strategically Solving Addition and Subtraction Problems within 20
    Adding to 100 and Subtracting Multiples of 10

    Air and Weather
    Plants and Animals

    Social Studies:
    Community and Current events


  • Exciting New Websites for Books!!

    The PTO has generously purchased access to Scholastic's Bookflix and Scienceflix websites.  Links have been added to my class webpage. Bookflix is a digital literacy resource that pairs animated stories with nonfiction e-books.  The students enjoy listening to these in school and are very excited to try these at home!   http://bookflix.scholastic.com/ Scienceflix is geared toward the upper elementary grades, but you may have fun exploring some science concepts with your child through videos, multiple text types, and interactive features.    http://scienceflix.digital.scholastic.com/ username: dcorners ​password: dcorners Happy…

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  • Raz-Kids

    All students in the classroom currently have a Raz-Kids account and have practiced logging in and reading books in school.  Students should first listen to the book, then read the book, and finally take the comprehension quiz.  Students have been assigned access to a "book room" with a wide variety of books that are at their "just right" reading level; not too hard and not too easy.  Students are very eager to do this in school, but we are very limited with the number of classroom computers.  The login information was sent home. If you need another copy of your child's login, please do not hesitate to…

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  • classroom updates

    Just a friendly reminder that our first weekly homework packet (which includes reading and math) is due tomorrow, November 18th.  Unit 4 Fundations homework is also due tomorrow.  Students will be assessed to see if they can tap and write words with bonus letters and digraphs. Out of respect for our families, there will be no weekly homework packet the week of Thanksgiving.  I hope you enjoy this time with your family.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me every day!! Homework will resume the week of November 28th. Apple day:  Students are asked to bring in their favorite kind of apple on Tuesday, November 22nd. Students will be reading, graphing, and writing about apples.  We will be making applesauce too!!!  Thanks for your continued…

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  • Specials Schedule

    Monday: Art & Health Tuesday: Physical Education Wednesday: Music Thursday: Physical Education Friday: Library

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  • Super Math Problem Solvers

    Our Super Math Problem Solvers will fly into the Pride Friday assembly at 1:30.  Feel free to come join us.

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  • Fun filled Monday

    Our monthly all-school walk is at 8:45.....please remember sneakers. We will be making our Super Math Problem Solver capes and tie-dying fun day t-shirts 12:00-2:00.  

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  • Sumdog

    In class, the students have all had a chance to login and play a free math game called Sumdog.  This interactive game allows children to practice their math facts.  Your child's username, password, and school code are inside their STAR binders on the front of their homework folders.   Students are encouraged to use this game as an opportunity to improve their mathematical competency.  Let the games…

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  • Pasta dinner and basket raffle

    Thank you for all of the basket raffle donations.  Our ice cream basket is amazing!  I look forward to seeing you at the pasta dinner and basket raffle next Wednesday night!  It is always a wonderful event!!

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  • Fundations Homework Unit 10

    Unit 10 Fundations homework is not due until Friday, March 18th.  

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  • Snow Play

    Today was the first day of morning snow play!  The children who participated came in with big smiles and rosy cheeks!!  They are very excited to get back outside in the snow with their friends again tomorrow.  In an effort to make our morning run smoothly, it would be helpful if students brought an empty, reusable shopping bag to put their boots and snowpants in when they come inside.  Thank you for your help! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it…

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  • Happy New Year First Grade Families!

    We are delighted to welcome back our Grade One learners. They returned to school healthy, well-rested, bursting with vacation news, and focused on learning. What a joy!   This week begins a remarkable span in your child’s development. From January to June first graders make tremendous learning strides. In an effort to maximize this opportunity and support your child’s success we ask the following: Encourage your child to eat healthy foods. This is that fuel that powers our brains and bodies. Participate in active play. Bodies of all ages benefit from movement. Youngsters who use their energy in active play are better able to concentrate when required. Get plenty of rest. Students who maintain a regular bedtime routine benefit from the rest their bodies need and are most successful in fending off illnesses and staying in school.   We Encourage the Following Activities to Support Your Child’s Learning…   Let your child read to you! Stop her/him throughout the reading to ask your child to explain what he/she just read. This checking for understanding is critical in reading development! Read to your child. Read with your child (reading in chorus). Ask your child to tell you and write what time it is (to the hour and half hour). Allow your child to count coins in a change container and write the amount. Teach your child how to tie his/her shoelaces. It’s time to tackle and master this skill.Check online for child-friendly videos to help your child learn.   Grade One Wish List… Wipes, wipes, wipes to fend off the spread of germs! Tissues. Gallon size ziploc bags.   Thanks for your on-going support!…

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  • Gingerbread Cookies

    The class will be decorating gingerbread cookies tomorrow afternoon.  I have purchased the cookies from the Westerly High School Culinary Arts Department.  They are nut free.  After decorating the gingerbread cookies, the children may choose to have them for snack or wrap it to take home.  If you would not like your child to participate in this activity, please let me know.

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  • Homework

    Weekly homework will be sent home every Monday and is due on Friday.  

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  • upcoming events

    Happy Journals are due Thursday, October 1st.  I look forward to reading all about the things that have made you happy in September! School pictures are this Friday, October 2nd! Smile ;) Book orders will be sent home at the beginning of each month.  ​Next book order is due on Friday, October 9th.

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  • Watch Hill Field Trip

                                                                                                                           Dear Students and Families,           We are delighted to announce our first field trip of the year to two of our local treasures: The Flying Horse Carousel and Napatree Point Beach! Date:  Tuesday, September 15, 2015   [Rain date: Thursday, September 17, 2015] Time: Depart DCS at 9:00 a.m. sharp            Return to DCS by 1:00 p.m. Cost:  FREE! Trip will be paid for by Westerly Public Schools District Field Trip Funds.           Plus…The Flying Horse Carousel folks have provided this opportunity FREE to us. Please thank them whenever you visit! Educational Objectives: 1. To use our 5 senses to experience the carousel and beach (not the water). 2. To observe and experience motion (of the carousel as well as the ocean and beach birds) 3. To observe and experience how the carousel horses are balanced as well as how we have to balance our bodies as we ride.   While at the Carousel we will: -hear a brief history of the carousel (when it was built, who built it, why they built it and placed it where it is, and other special information) -give the students an opportunity to just watch the carousel move while they use their senses. (What do you see, hear, smell, touch, taste?) -allow students to walk through the carousel (1 rotation to observe using their senses) -allow students to ride (1 ride for each student)   While on the beach we will: -collect beach artifacts (shells, seaweed, rocks, etc.) -play in the sand -form a line to hold hands and put our feet in the water (small groups at a time) -brainstorm describing words  -write beach poems using our senses   We will also plan to eat lunch on the beach.  Be sure to check backpacks for more…

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  • How to Calm the First Day Jitters!

    Your summer's been great, but now it’s time to hit the books and head back to class. Feeling a bit nervous about your first day? Kidzworld’s got some tips for you on how to calm those first day back-to-school jitters! Visualize Your Day It’s easy to be afraid of what’s new, so use your imagination—picture yourself chatting with old friends and acting out your first day back. Once you see it in your head, it’ll be easy to make it a reality. Just be confident! Get a Good Night’s Sleep Did you know your body is more prone to jitters when you haven’t slept enough? Try to get lots of rest the night before your first day—that should help minimize shaky hands and keep you at your best mentally and physically. Walk to School If you only live a few blocks away, try walking to school! Physical activity is a great way to cut down on stress. Walking to school will help you burn off all that excess energy so you’ll have it together when you walk through that door. Choose an Anthem Another way to harness all that energy is to transform it into positive feelings. Just how do you channel those jitters? By dancing them out! Before you take off for school—or, if you’re brave, during the walk there—throw your favorite song on your ipod and have a dance party for one! If you’re not into dancing, just listening to an upbeat song can have a positive effect on your day. Set Your Alarm Early Being late just adds to stress, so it’s smart to set your alarm early so you have lots of time to get ready. Chat with your family, eat a good breakfast and leave your house with lots of travel time. Happy First Day of First Grade!! Thursday, August 27th is the first day of the 2015-2016 school year!   ​I look forward to greeting our new class! Welcome…

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  • Specials 2015-2016

    Monday: library Tuesday: library & physical education Wednesday: music & art Thursday:  physical education Friday: health or world language

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  • There are no upcoming events to display.

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