• Health Clinic

    Instructor: Kelly Izzo

    Hello DCS Families and Friends!
    I am your school nurse teacher and glad to be part of your child's school day! I have been a nurse in many areas of nursing for the past 20 plus years. It is a joy to care for my DCS families!

    Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments.
    Clinic: 315.2642
    FAX : 348.2325
    email: kizzo@westerly.k12.ri.us

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  • School Nurse Policy's and Procedures
    The School Nurse Teacher Policies and Procedures

    · Administer first aid, medications & treatments to elementary students
    · Teach prevention & therapeutic aspects of health on a 1:1 basis in clinic on elementary level
    · Teaching Health classes for grades K- 4
    · Collaborate with the interdisciplinary team in assessing & planning for students
    · Maintain confidential records in accordance with the RI regulations
    School Nurse Policies & Procedures
    During the school day a School Nurse Teacher is on duty in the clinic located on the main level of the building. When a student has an illness or injury and requests to see the nurse, the teacher will send them down or request assistance as needed if unable to ambulate on own.
    · No student is to be sent home due to illness without first contacting a parent or guardian for permission.
    · Students may only be sent home by the School Nurse Teacher or a school administrator
    · The School Nurse teacher is to make teachers aware of any pertinent student medical problems at the beginning of the school year and at each new quarter. Teachers are asked to work with the nurse in providing these services to students.
    · No medication will be administrated by the School Nurse Teacher unless the appropriate documentation is on file in the nurse's office.
    · Students requiring medication during field trips must have the field trip policy signed by parents or guardian on file in the nurses' office. Medication must be supplied by parents in a pharmacy labeled container.

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