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    WPS Technology team works the full calendar year ensuring all faculty, staff, and students have the access and support they need. Our team collectively has over 30 years of technical knowledge and experience in the medical, financial, higher education, and K12 fields.

    We support all hardware and software needs for the district through our centralized helpdesk located at Babcock Hall (23 Highland Ave, Westerly, RI 02891). You can contact us several ways:

    WPS Helpdesk System (Community only)

    WPS Helpdesk System (For Staff only)

    Phone: 401-315-1550
    Email: support@westerly.k12.ri.us
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  • Notice - Deadline: January 13th to enroll into 2FA

    Posted by Brandi Lamphere on 1/3/2023
    Hello there,
    I hope you had a good holiday season and the New Year has been good for you.
    This is a reminder that you must enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Westerly Email account. We have extended the deadline until January 13th for you to ask any questions, call into the Technology department, schedule time with our technicians, or to have a few extra days to do it.
    I have reattached our FAQ which has video tutorials at the end.
    Please call us at 401-315-1550 (or extension 1550) or email our team to get support.
    If you feel like this email was in error and you have already enrolled, please let me know. This is a dynamically created group and not one we manually created. Google delays our statistics by up to 3 days.
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  • 2FA Deadline is December 31st

    Posted by Brandi Lamphere on 12/23/2022

    Hello everyone,

    Video Announcement: 2FA Deadline Notification
    I first want to start off by saying, thank you and I appreciate you, to everyone that has already enrolled into 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). Thank you for securing our email system, protecting our data, and adding another layer of defense to our systems.
    For those hesitant to enroll we have created a FAQ (also attached): SOP (Community) - Communication: Enable 2 Factor Authentication FAQ 
    As we get into the New Year, those who have not enrolled, will start to experience difficulty logging into our systems.

    Setup 2FA w/ Gmail app - stop @ 2:30 (Most Secure option - requires the Gmail app)


    Setup 2FA w/ phone # (For those who don’t have the Gmail app)


    Backup Code Generation (For use when cellular or wifi is not available - Must have already set up 2FA with a phone number or Google Prompts)

    Cliff Notes:

    Who - Everyone (faculty and staff)

    What - Protect their work accounts by using 2FA

    When - By December 31th, 2022

    Where - District wide

    Why - By having 2FA, even if your account was compromised, a malicious actor can not access your information. As we move more of our products to Single Sign On (one account that logs you into multiple products, think Frontline, Clever, and instructional software login process), it is critical both for your safety and WPS to have your accounts secured from outside threats.

    Future Email - WPS Technology has figured out a way for your laptops to work at home just like they do in the district. In order to use it you must have 2FA enabled. More information to come.

    Future Email - WPS Technology is piloting Google Classroom and syncing assignments directly into Skyward to avoid double entry. More information to come.

    Future Email - WPS Technology has purchased the Adobe suite (Adobe Acrobat) that will allow you to natively modify PDF or other documents directly in Google Drive. More information to come.


    Are you interested in knowing about changes before they come, influencing ideas to come, or maybe to help build the next big idea, then consider joining the Technology Committee. Want to know more? Email msujka@westerly.k12.ri.us

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