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    Skyward's Family Access overview:

    Here is a document that goes over Skyward's Family Access on a computer (not mobile device): Skyward: Family Access (Website)
    Here is the Apple App Store where you can find the app for iPhones: Skyward for iPhones
    Here is the Google Play Store where you can find the app for Androids and other phones: Skyward for Android
    Here is Skyward's overview of their app. Please note we do not have every feature shown in this video: Skyward Mobile App Overview

  • If 
    you are having issues logging into Skyward:


    • Please make sure you handed in the student verification form all schools send home at the start of the year. If you have children at different schools, each child should receive one.
    • Once the form is received by the school, your information in Skyward will get updated (E.g.: email address, home/work/cell phone numbers).
    • Finally, we ask that you submit a helpdesk ticket @ Westerly's Technology Helpdesk System.
      • For those new to our ticket system, please see this tutorial to assist in guiding you. Please make sure to list:


    • Only biological and/or legal guardians will be allowed to access Skyward and obtain their child(ren)'s information.