• First Grade Rm 108

    Instructor: Bouchard, J.

    Students in first grade strive to be good students by following the 3 Bs - Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful.  This year in first grade we will be working toward building a community of learners who strive to be the best readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, citizens, and friends, that they can be!  

    Here's an overview of our Grade One Curriculum....

    Using the Fundations Program by Wilson
    Unit 1-Letter/Keyword Sounds
    Unit 2-Cvc words
    Unit 3-Digraphs
    Unit 4-Bonus Letters
    Unit 5-Glued Sounds
    Unit 6-Suffix /s/
    Unit 7-Glued Sounds
    Unit 8- Blends/R controlled Vowels
    Unit 9-Open/Closed Syllables/Vowel Teams
    Unit 10-Segmenting 5 Sounds/Suffixes /ed/ and /ing/ and Vowel Teams
    Unit 11- Vce Syllable/Long Vowel Sounds
    Unit 12-Multisyllabic Words
    Unit 13-Adding Suffixes /es/ to Multisyllabic Words
    Unit 14-Review

    ELA Units of Study:
    Establishing a Community of Readers and Writers
    Elements of Fiction
    Elements of Informational Text
    Reading and Writing for Information
    Narrative Reading and Writing
    Compare and Contrast Informational
    Compare and Contrast Literature
    Digging Deeper Into Narrative Text
    Digging Deeper Into Informational Text

    Using the Being a Writer Writing Program
    "The goal of Being a Writer is to teach students to write skillfully, creatively, abundantly, and with motivation."
    Unit 1: The Writing Community
    Unit 2: Getting Ideas
    Unit 3: Telling More
    Unit 4: Writing Stories About Me
    Unit 5: Writing Non Fiction
    Unit 6: Exploring Words Through Poetry
    Unit 7: Opinion Writing
    Unit 8: Revisiting the Writing Community

    Mathematics Units of Study:
    Quarter 1:
    Introduction to Place Value and Comparing to 30
    Understanding, Representing, and Solving Addition and Subtraction within 10

    Quarter 2:
    Introducing Time, Measurement, and Data
    Understanding, Representing, and Solving Addition and Subtraction within 20
    Counting, Comparing, and Adding Numbers to 100

    Quarter 3:
    2-D and 3-D Shapes, Attributes, and Partitioning
    ​Solving All Addition and Subtraction Problem Types within 20
    Organizing, Representing, and Interpreting Data and Time to the Half-Hour

    Quarter 4:
    Strategically Solving Addition and Subtraction Problems within 20
    Adding to 100 and Subtracting Multiples of 10

    Using the GEMS Net/FOSS Science Kits:

    Air & Weather
    Plants & Animals

    Social Studies:
    Community and Current events


  • Links to Learning

    I've added new links (at bottom right corner of page) so that you can access quality learning sites, like PBS,  to support you child's school success in math, science, social studies, social/emotional development, and more!  

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  • Dates & Events to Remember

    Monday, January 30th Half Way Day! Monday, January 30th – Friday, February 3rd DCS “SOUPER” Bowl Event *If you’re able, please consider donating a can or package of soup for those in need.* Friday, February 10th The 100th Day of School Friday, February 10th Island Theme Party to Wish Tara Farewell Tuesday, February 14th Valentine’s Day *Valentines may be exchanged IF all classmates are included in the exchange. * *See STAR BINDER for a class list of all students.* *Any sweet treats must be NUT FREE and manufactured in a NUT FREE facility.* Monday and Tuesday February 20th & 21st President’s Day Break No School Friday, March 10th Professional Development Day No School for…

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  • Winter 2017 News From Mrs. Bouchard

    Hello Families,          January 30th marks our 91st day of first grade! That makes it the half way mark in our year. We’re using the occasion to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished so far, teach the concept of fractions, and highlight the expectations for the second half of our year so that students are prepared for Second Grade.            I’m so proud of all of the students for their daily effort and look forward to the exciting months of challenge and growth that are ahead!                                                                                     How can I help my child experience a successful second half of First Grade? Here are several things that you can do to help your child meet with his/her best success.   1. Follow a routine that provides structure. Young children depend on adults to provide structure. This enables them to feel safe. Of course, routines may be interrupted. That’s part of learning to be flexible. But, the more a child can count on a routine, the more secure he/she will feel.   2. Set aside a specific time for completing homework. When parents support homework they send a message to students that their job as a learner is important.   3. Allow students to complete the homework independently. Oh, this can be so tough! We are pulled in so many directions and sometimes just getting the homework done seems most important. Children learn responsibility and self respect when they complete their own work.   4. Promote independence. First graders are capable of so many things and develop self confidence by having responsibilities and by learning self-care tasks. Examples include: opening their own snacks, tying their shoes, packing their own backpack, selecting their own clothes, helping to sort and put away laundry, feeding pets,  making  beds, setting the table, helping make meals, and more.   5. Arrange and encourage unstructured play times and play dates. Children thrive and learn important life lessons when

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  • Fundations Homework Packet

    Hello Families, Students are bringing home their Unit 6 FUNDATIONS Homework packets today. We completed Week 1 Monday and Tuesday homework here in class so that you can see how the work is to be completed.  Students were reminded of the following expectations:  1. Complete the brief assignment on a nightly basis.  2. Do NOT sit down and complete the entire packet all in one sitting. This is because the homework is meant to FOLLOW the daily instruction provided in school. A child who tries to complete the work prior to instruction is more likely to become frustrated because of a lack of understanding. Ultimately, this would make the assignment meaningless for the child. 3. Homework is to be completed in pencil. 4. Homework is to be neat. 5. Homework is to be returned on the due date posted on the top page (December 16, 2016). Thank you for supporting your child's learning and…

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  • Weekly Homework Due on Friday, 11/18

    Just a reminder that students' Weekly Homework Packet, which includes Reading and Math, is due on Friday, November 18th. FYI...Out of respect for families, there will be NO homework assignment the week of November 21st. Homework will resume on Monday, November 28th.

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  • Events & Dates to Remember

    Events & Dates to Remember: Tuesday, October 17th NWEA Testing Wednesday, October 18th NWEA Testing Friday, October 21st Bus Safety Program Friday, October 28th – Read-O and Math-O Homework Due Monday, October 31st Halloween - No Costumes at School Monday, November 7th No School for Students due to Parent Teacher Conferences Tuesday, November 8th No School ELECTION DAY Friday, November 11th No School VETERANS DAY Monday, November 14th First Quarter Ends Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th Thanksgiving…

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  • First Grade News: October

    Hello Families, It’s hard to believe that this week marks our 30th day of first grade! It’s been a busy six weeks and I’m so proud of all of the students for their efforts and focus.           Now that we’ve settled in, I want to share some news. Our Class Mission Statement Our classroom is a happy,   friendly, respectful, responsible,  and safe place with mistake making, laughter sharing, independence building, problem solving, and      brain stretching! We began the school year by reading our Class Mission Statement.  Since then, we have explored in depth the first 6 key phrases and concepts. We are currently discussing mistake making and how it translates into a growth mindset. Students are learning that embracing challenges and making mistakes are the ONLY ways that we can learn and grow. Ask your student what he/she needs to say to him/her self when work gets difficult. The remaining 4 phrases will be central to the work that we do throughout the entire year.   Snack Thank you for your cooperation in providing snacks that are safe for all students. In an effort to reduce waste, please provide your student with a reusable spoon or fork, if their snack requires any type of utensil. This small gesture helps students feel like they are making a difference in protecting the earth.   Homework  I hope that you and your child have been enjoying the Read-O and Math-O activities. This homework assignment is a “warm-up” to the first grade weekly homework (reading, math, and Fundations) which will begin in November. We have been completing our Fundations Homework in class so that I can communicate my expectations directly to your child. We will continue to do our Fundations homework in class until November.  What is my child learning? Math Reading Writing Science Social Studies -Numeral formation -Before/after (+1/-1 numbers) -Composing and Decomposing numbe

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  • How to Calm the First Day Jitters

    I'm hoping that your summer’s been great, and that you and your family are rested, refreshed, and ready to head back to school. Feeling a bit nervous about your first days? Kidzworld’s got some tips for you on how to calm those first day back-to-school jitters! Visualize Your Day It’s easy to be afraid of what’s new, so use your imagination—picture yourself chatting with old friends and acing your first day back! Once you see it in your head, it’ll be easy to make it a reality. Just be confident! Get a Good Night’s Sleep Did you know your body is more prone to jitters when you haven’t slept enough? Try to get lots of rest the night before your first day—that should help minimize shaky hands and keep you at your best mentally and physically. Walk to School If you only live a few blocks away, try walking to school! Physical activity is a great way to cut down on stress. Walking to school will help you burn off all that excess energy so you’ll have it together when you walk through that door. Choose an Anthem Another way to harness all that energy is to transform it into positive feelings. Just how do you channel those jitters? By dancing them out! Before you take off for school—or, if you’re brave, during the walk there—throw your favorite song on your ipod and have a dance party for one! If you’re not into dancing, just listening to an upbeat song can have a positive effect on your day. Set Your Alarm Early Being late just adds to stress, so it’s smart to set your alarm early so you have lots of time to get ready. Chat with your family, eat a good breakfast and leave your house with lots of travel time. Happy First Day of First…

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