• 6 Sunfish Math

    Instructor: Nenna, M.


  • End of Unit 2 Assessment

    Students were assigned a study guide to review concepts of ratio and proportion.  The study guide is due Monday November 21 during class.  Students will then receive an answer key to correct in class and to use as a resource to study for.  The assessment will be given Wednesday November 23.  Students are also encouraged to attend a study group on Tuesday November 22 after school from 2:30 - 3:30.  All students wishing to stay must have a permission slip signed and returned on or before November 22.  There is also an assignment located at westerly.agilemind.com for extra practice questions that correlate to the assessment given on…

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  • Homework October 4,2016

    Students were assigned a worksheet in which they are to apply PEMDAS in order to solve.  Students who need a refresher can go to my fusion page and click on  the video entitled PEMDAS.

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  • September 20,2016

    Students will be working on solving exponents for homework #'s 1-10 for all sections except for 03.  Section 03 will do #'s 15-20 on exponent worksheet.  The quiz will be postponed until Thursday September 22.

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  • September 19,2016

    Homework for this evening is five questions from the worksheet handed out in class.  Students should show all work and be prepared to take a quiz Wednesday.  The quiz on Wednesday will look very similiar to tonights homework. 

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  • September 15, 2106

    Students will be working on page 7 and page 8  in their Student Activity Sheet workbook # 6 a,b,c  # 7 and #8.  This is due on September 16, 2016.

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