• 5B Robotics Q1

    Instructor: Julian, C.

    Basic programming concepts explored.
    This class meets twice per week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
    Topics include:
    • History of Robotics
    • Robot Inventions


  • Week of 9/21

    This week your group will begin your team challenges. We will begin with the "X-factor", make your robot travel in an X pattern.

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  • Week of 9/1-10

    This week, we will take a look at the history of robotics. We will also talk about and create a robot invention using a computer drawing program.

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  • Week of 9/28

    This week, we will begin to learn keyboarding. At the beginning of each class, you will perform a fun exercise on the computers that teach you the proper ways to efficiently type. Exercises are tracked and during the quarter you will be able to measure your progress.

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  • Documents

    Below you will find documents that pertain to this class that you can download and print.

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